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Bit Biz Solutions is a group of dedicated IT professionals with over a decade of combined experience in software programming, web development, SEO, web design, domain registration, copywriting, web hosting and more.

We cater to a large variety of clients worldwide, and have successfully served many over the years. With client satisfaction being a top priority in all projects that we undertake, we truly listen to our customers, and are fully committed to helping our clients gain the maximum benefit from their business.

Our overall aspiration is to provide quality development solutions that will continually improve the performance, and enhance the customer's experience at our client's web sites. No matter what your requirements are -- big or small -- we have the know-how and experience to help you reach your goals efficiently and cost-effectively.

Our work is driven by innovative ideas, technological advancement, and in depth knowledge and experience of online business. We never compromise on quality when it comes to our clients, and strive to work together to bring about solutions that make sound business sense, and promote higher profitability for long-term longevity.

If your business isn't performing as well as you think it could be, or you don't have the staff on hand to ensure that the IT side of your company is developed, protected and in good hands, then you've found the right team to take care of your web-based needs.

At Bit Biz Solutions, we understand that it can be difficult, and sometimes costly, for companies to operate online in an environment that allows their customers to interact with them securely. But not only that, there are several important factors that can increase profit levels dramatically that most business owners aren't aware of. Let us make it easy for you. Make a decision to allow our team of professionals help you to take your business up to the next level today.

We provide our clients world wide with a complete suite of services to suit all kinds of business requirements including:

You'll find everything you need here to ensure your business web site is first class, operating reliably, and attracting more of the right kind of customers. With over 20 years of combined experience, our staff are well placed to advise and serve your specific needs.

Please visit our Services page to discover more about how we can assist you to build, develop, improve, protect and promote your business for more revenue in the future. For ready-made scripts designed to automate your business, add value to your site, free up your time, and generate more income, please visit our Products page. If you have any unanswered questions, please email us through the Contact page above.

Our Services

Software Development

We undertake all types of software development to your specifications such a php, .net, asp and java, or we can tailor a solution to fit your company's needs. Development isn't limited to web scripts only, as our programmers can also produce company-specific applications for internal company use. Alternatively, you can save time by choosing the right solution for your business from our large range of ready-made web scripts.

App Development

Our team includes expert writers who undertake content writing for all types of web sites including blogs, small business and corporate. Our writers utilise search engine optimisation tactics, including keyword rich data to attract more new prospects to your site.

Internet Marketing

The most important step to owning a web site is ensuring your prospects can find you. We can build an advertising campaign for your business to suit your niche, and your budget. We also have ready-made online solutions that you can utilise quickly and easily for extra promotion value.